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Stewart McGill, Senior Instructor with the British Combat Association and Urban Krav Maga. Previously a 3rd Dan in Goju Ryu karate and civilian/Law Enforcement instructor with 2 separate Krav Maga organisations. More

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Krav Maga is a generic Hebrew term meaning “contact combat”. We practice and teach Urban Krav Maga, a system founded by a group of instructors experienced across various styles of Krav Maga and other fighting systems. Urban Krav Maga is a scenario-based system, the syllabus being based on defences against the 10 most common street attack in the UK.

The core syllabus also contains a range of techniques applicable to female self-defence, grappling (stand-up and on the ground), fighting/sparring techniques and weapons defences. More

See here for a brief history of the Israeli Fighting Systems.

Urban Krav Maga in Action Again

One of our guys had to use the stuff a couple of days ago, see the story below:
“Hey Stewart, just wanted to say thanks for the Urban Krav teaching. Had to use it for the first time a few days ago. 5 guys came into a party that we throw every other week next door [...]


The Royal Military Police learn Urban Krav Maga

Urban Krav Maga 6 DVD set out now!

We are featured in Arena magazine (April '08). Read the article here.

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